Rocker — rocksdb driver for Erlang

    Erlang/OTP,  Rust,  Elixir,  Programming

    The internet is full of information and disputes over approaches to sql/nosql choice as well as benefits and drawbacks of this or that KV-storage. What you are reading right now is neither a rocksdb guide nor an attempt to rope you in using this very storage and my driver for it. I just want to share some preliminary results of the work done on streamlining NIF for Erlang development process. In this article you’ll have a look at a working driver for rocksdb developed in a couple of evenings.

    Development environment for modern Erlang-solutions

    Erlang/OTP,  Programming


    Many books on carpentry or woodwork welcome you into reading with a chapter about proper workplace organisation and tools arrangement. I do believe that development skills should also be viewed as art and culture. A feasible approach to working environment really helps reduce development costs and further refinement. This happens due to early problem detection and developer’s increased productivity. As the topic is really vast, I’m planning on writing a series of articles.