Object Storage

We provide a software set Vonmo CS by which you can set up a software-defined data storage.


Flexibility. This solution lets you scale the storage from gigabytes to petabytes.
Reliability. The storage reliability and information security level is defined by a user.
Performance. The solution is streamlined to store both small and big files and, what's more, to distribute all types of content with equal effectiveness.
Usability. The storage has s3 interface and supports the backends of Cassandra and Riak.

With Vonmo CS you can set up a image storage or, for instance, a streaming service video storage. The storages will be growing alongside your project with no additional operating costs.

Our languages

used since 2012
We use erlang as a compound for our distributed systems.
used since 2015
We use elixir for web development.
used since 2015
Golang is the best language for common things on backend.
used since 2016
We use rust for system and low-level development.
used since 2006
Python is the best language for system tools and scripting.

Our services

Server-side and data processing
Software product engineering
Software development and optimization
Custom application development
Modern web applications and services
Migration and customization
Help with modernization of legacy systems
Developed with love in Rostov-on-Don