Real-time Messaging

One of the main components of complex systems is an enterprise messaging system or ESB which stands for enterprise service bus. We have developed a particular service bus based on Erlang/OTP.

Key features:

Interaction patterns: Req/Resp (including req/resp with request and direct response), Pub/Sub (ack,nack)
Performance. More than 100k RPS for one Exchange.
Scalability. Any Exchange can be run on any server.
Custom message routing.
Load balancing (round-robin, sticky, custom).
Proxy components are already included in a package.

Due to its flexibility and 100% integration into Erlang/OTP ecosystem, our development helps you create complex distributed systems not only at short notice but also cost-effectively.

Our languages

used since 2012
We use erlang as a compound for our distributed systems.
used since 2015
We use elixir for web development.
used since 2015
Golang is the best language for common things on backend.
used since 2016
We use rust for system and low-level development.
used since 2006
Python is the best language for system tools and scripting.

Our services

Server-side and data processing
Software product engineering
Software development and optimization
Custom application development
Modern web applications and services
Migration and customization
Help with modernization of legacy systems
Developed with love in Rostov-on-Don